Since time began, people have been fearful of what lay in wait in the darkness. It is a fear that followed us from the primordial ooze when we crawled from clouded depths and onto land to build fires to keep us safe from what was not. As we constructed towns, cities, metropolises…civilizations, the shadows became mostly human and definitely more deceptive and vicious than the raptors that smelled us out in the start. Instinctually, our primeval apprehensions kicked in — even when we’re in our own homes with our doors locked. We startle awake in bed feeling as though something has shifted in the darkness…something that wishes to look into our eyes, touch our soul. Occasionally what’s in the sinister pitch is nothing but our primal fears bubbling through our subconscious dreams. Eventually, it is neither a creak of wood, nor a mouse in the wall that disconcerts. Sometimes, what we feel is there…is there. Ultimately, we all encounter a supernatural experience that stops us and forces us to reach back to those reaching out. At some point, the dead demand we acknowledge them — not only because they have something to tell us, but because they were once us. And we will, one day, be them.